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Autor: Kevin Jensen

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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 20.09.2006

Deutsch | English

PlanetGameboy: Can you introduce yourself and your company to our readers?

Javier Otaegui: My name is Javier Otaegui, and I am the director of Sabarasa Entertainment. Sabarasa is a pioneering game development company from Buenos Aires. Mazes of Fate is our first international launch, actually it is the first Latin American portable console game ever.

Ivan Kozicki: I am Ivan Kozicki, and I am one of the scriptwriters and game designers of Mazes of Fate.

Carlos Cabrera: I am Carlos Cabrera and I am the lead artist in charge of the coordination of the art team of Mazes of Fate.

Guillermo Bracciaforte: I am Guillermo Bracciaforte and I am part of the production team of the game.

PlanetGameboy: PlanetGameboy: What separates Mazes of Fate from other RPG games, can you tell us a bit about story and gameplay?

Javier Otaegui: Mazes of Fate is really about pushing the limits of the GBA and bringing a completely new experience to the GBA RPG player. We have used a very innovative first-person perspective for the game, with an unusual depth in the story and dialogs.

Ivan Kozicki: Yes, I think that Mazes of Fate takes full advantage of the GBAs role-playing capabilities. The dialogue and quest system the game has is beeper than most GBA RPGs.

Guillermo Bracciaforte: We know that is hard, in this console, to deliver new experiences to the players, but the game was designed by a very creative team of people who love games and still play quite a bit.

Javier Otaegui: The player will be able to combat more than 60 different kinds of monsters, and solve lots of puzzles in around 50 levels. Additional features are the world and town maps, and the dialogs and special locations.

Ivan Kozicki: All the action occurs in a first-person view for all the dungeons, while the world and town maps have a beautiful top-down view. The main character will gather teammates to face the dangers of the Mazes of Fate world.

Carlos Cabrera: From the graphical point of view, the game offers lots of diversity and quality artwork. All the characters, monsters, magic spells, town maps, they were all created with the maximum quality.

Javier Otaegui: Apart from art, one of the most important aspect of the game is its story. It is a mythological epic where the player faces important dilemmas, but I will let Ivan tell you about this.

Ivan Kozicki: The game takes place in a world where the Ancient Gods decide to annihilate the human race and replace it with a more submissive race. The adventure starts in the Kingdom of Karsh, where King Harlac is looking for the redemption of mankind in order to achieve the forgiveness of the gods and the long-forgotten peace. The young hero will need to understand how this kingdom really works; nothing is like it seems, and there are many different factions that are confronted and look for different things. This is not the classical good-versus-evil game; you will need to test your values, choose your faction and make your stand.

PlanetGameboy: Since when are you working on Game Boy Advance-projects and why did you decide to develop for the Game Boy Advance?

Javier Otaegui: Mazes of Fate is our first Game Boy Advance project. We started to plan Mazes of Fate in 2003. It was a long project, with a lot of investment. I am sure players will be able to enjoy all the quality gameplay and story we managed to build inside the game. We chose the GBA because we love the console and we believe we have a different vision of how RPGs for GBA should be.

PlanetGameboy: Is it more complicated to produce RPG in comparison to others genres?

Javier Otaegui: Yes, it surely is. RPGs are the most complex genre in many different aspects. You need to deliver an excellent story and setting, interesting gameplay mechanisms, believable character dialogues, lots of contents: levels, monsters, magic spells, items, equipment, towns, quests, and all of them working in a harmonious environment.

Carlos Cabrera: From a graphical point of view, RPGs are one of the most complex genres. Mazes of Fate is particularly complex because of the innovative first-person action view and the literally thousands of art assets we needed to create. This diversity and the very high quality you will find in Mazes of Fate places it above many other RPGs. Each graphic, each monster and each character, inside the game was cautiously designed and drawn by an art team composed by 4 specialized members.

PlanetGameboy: What is the approximate length of the game?

Javier Otaegui: The game is long, you can expect approximately 25 hours of play, not including the possible replays of the game. The game is really open, and you can play it in many different ways.

Ivan Kozicki: Yes, the skills and magic system give the player the ability to experiment with many different characters, thus having the chance of replaying the game and have a new experience. Also there are numerous side quests that extend the game replay value.

PlanetGameboy: How many characters can you choose from and will you group up with other characters during the game?

Ivan Kozicki: The players will be able to choose between three different pre-set characters (Warrior, Rogue and Mage) and they will also be able to create their own custom characters, setting the initial attributes and skills. The party can hold up to three characters and you will be able to choose between six different partners.

Guillermo Bracciaforte: The party will vary along the player advances in the game and many times will be up to him to decide who stays and who goes. Your companions have their own personalities and the player will need to convince them to join his team and even sometimes persuade them not to abandon his cause.

PlanetGameboy: Will there be a multiplayer mode?

Javier Otaegui: No, but Mazes of Fate 2 for Nintendo DS will surely have one. :)

PlanetGameboy: What do you think about the future of the Game Boy Advance, in view of the Nintendo DS and PSP? Will you also develop for on of these systems?

Javier Otaegui: Even though the GBA is a great gaming console, all the publisher efforts are leaning toward the Nintendo DS, so we have strong plans to continue working on the Nintendo DS for our future projects. I think this is a natural transition. We are also starting to explore different PSP development opportunities.

PlanetGameboy: When will the game be released? Is a release in Europe planned?

Javier Otaegui: The game will be released on October/November 2006, and yes, it will be released in Europe. The game features English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages.

PlanetGameboy: What are your favorite handheld games?

Javier Otaegui: From the recent titles, I really enjoyed “Zelda: The Minish Cap”, and “Riviera: The Promised Land”.

Carlos Cabrera: I liked “Baldurs Gate“ for GBA very much.

Guillermo Bracciaforte: Like other GBA funs I loved „Golden Sun“ in both it releases. I still play „Advance wars“ also.

PlanetGameboy: Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Carlos Cabrera: After playing Mazes of Fate you will surely expect a second part. :)

Guillermo Bracciaforte: As a gamer I can tell you Mazes of Fate will give a lot of GBA owners a good reason to keep playing the small console for a while.

Javier Otaegui: A very big and creative team worked in this project, and we have been working very hard on every aspect of Mazes of Fate for the last years. We really hope you enjoy this RPG as much as we enjoyed creating it.

The interview was held by Kevin Jensen for

Thanks to the Sabarasa Team for the kind support.
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