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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 05.02.2004

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Before the interview

Andy Onions: My replies are below. You have to realize that Tork was the beginning of the end for Realism. It was canned exactly a year ago and we never really recovered from that. Most of last year was spent working on 'Where Seagulls Dare', which was a cross platform (next generation) game
based on characters that are birds. Details are on our website. We had a
brief foray into mobile phone development, but worked for a publisher
who didn't appreciate our talents and sheer speed. They canned that
development too although everyone who's seen it thinks it's fantastic.
(golf game for high end phones). The publisher has another developer
working on it now... We also did some J2ME stuff (low end phone games),
which was like a cross between ZX Spectrum and Aari ST... Nothing
(financial) came of this. We are almost dormant now. We would continue
any development if a publisher got serious with us.

We will probably get some video of Tork on the website as well because
it was looking stunning when it got canned. Nothing has been developed
for a year now.

The interview:

PlanetGameboy: Could you shortly present Realism Studios to us?

Andy Onions: Realism is a small startup company formed from the ruins of Software Creations mainly to finish development of Super Monkey Ball for AGB.

PlanetGameboy: After Super Monkey Ball Jr. you port another game from an Next Generation System onto the Game Boy Advance. As the GBA´s specs are obviously much more limited, which drawbacks did you have to make (besides the graphics)? Is it a special challenge for you to port these kind of games?

Andy Onions: We were working on a port of Tork (from XBox to AGB). We tried to keep
the game as similar as possible both graphically but we introduced
better gameplay. The X-Box version started to slip and we were on a
tight schedule so we started to catch up. We developed 3 separate engine
technologies for the game - isometric, rotating tower like Nebulus) and
into the screen (like V-Rally). There was nothing too difficult about
the project apart from trying to get 30 big levels into 8Mb.

PlanetGameboy: How long was the development time for the game?

Andy Onions: We scheduled 7 months from start to finish. It was canned after 3 months.

PlanetGameboy: Could you tell us more about the game play and features of Tork?

Andy Onions: All the details are on Tiwak's site. Tork is a caveboy who has to travel
through time with his pet dinosaur to rescue his kidnapped father.

PlanetGameboy: How long will it take players to complete the full game?

Andy Onions: We reckoned on an extremely good gamer takig about 2 hours. For a moderate game player we think several weeks.

PlanetGameboy: What else can we expect from Realism in the future ?

Andy Onions: Whatever publishers want. If that's nothing from a small company, then expect nothing...

PlanetGameboy: A question about Super Monkey Ball Jr: Did the game fulfil your expectations?

Andy Onions: It was about the best conversion that we could have done. Anyone who reckons they could have done it better in the 8 months that we took doesn't fully comprehend how big and well presented SMB really is.

PlanetGameboy: What are your favourite Gameboy Advance games?

Andy Onions: SMB

PlanetGameboy: Do you see any trends in future GBA games?

Andy Onions: Unfortunately, there seems to be little money available, so smallish well
presented games from third parties (especially licensed stuff). A lot of third party crap and a load of blockbusters from Nintendo. Nintendo have
engineered a market that doesn't permit thrid parties to make money,
forces them to cut corners because there is no money) and then blows
them away with slick well presented blockbusters that it spends millions
on developing.

PlanetGameboy: Will you develop further games for Nokia's N-Gage? What where the general differences between the GBA an N-Gage version that you as the developer had to make?

Andy Onions: Only if publishers want to pay us for it. There is Tiger Woods Golf, but
we didn't get what it cost us to develop. Nokia aren't interested in
small independent developers and have basically gone for the establuihed
branded product as conversions. I'm impressed with Tomb Raider and a few
others but not by much of the ports. The Ngage itself is a lot ore
powerful, but has weedier hardware, so you lose CPU horsepower just
making the hardware do what you want. For full 3D titles this is no
problem at all. The OS (Symbian) is a strange beast and it's difficult
to get into. You can't port a C program easily to Symbian. It's C++ or
nothing really.

PlanetGameboy: What do you think upcoming handheld system Playstation Portable from Sony? Will you also produce games for these systems?

Andy Onions: It's very very good. Basically you have all the power of a PS2 in a
slightly different silicon format. Some areas are more powerful and
others less so. It blows the AGB apart for specification. We would have
loved to have done SMB on the PSP. Unfortunately our contact at Sega
Europe went back to Japan and we never could pick up the ball again with
his counterpart. Sony haven't approved our applkication as a developer.

PlanetGameboy: We don't know much about Nintendo’s upcoming DS - System. But as an developer, what do you think will be able with 2 screens on one system?

Andy Onions: I can't comment. I know nothing about the system.

PlanetGameboy: Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Andy Onions: Make sure you work for cash rich developers with at least 40 employees
and no more than about 100, unless it's Microsoft or Sony.

Thanks to Andy Onions for his support.

The interview was held by Kevin Jensen [Iceman] for

Iceman: P.S: Now on personal Thanks for the great Super Monkeyball Port. I even had to import it, just couldn't wait till the European release.

Andy Onions: Cool. Someone bought one in Europe then. It's funny, I passed through
Germany a couple of weeks back (from Salzburg to Saalbach) and there
were two guys playing on AGBs. I asked them both if they had SMB and
neither of them had it. Ho hum...

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