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Seite 2: Interview zum Spiel Three Tribes


Autor: Kevin Jensen

Kategorie: interviews
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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 12.12.2004

Deutsch | English Could you shortly introduce yourself, company and position to our readers?

Collin van Ginkel I'm Collin van Ginkel, one of the founders of two tribes. Right now I
oversee the creative aspects of our titles, ranging from graphical design to
game design. You are currently developing "Three Tribes" for Game Boy Advance. Can you tell us what the game is all about? The Story, main features, game play, etc.?

Collin van Ginkel In essence it's an action/puzzle game with some RPG elements thrown in for
good measure. It doesn't rely heavily on the storyline, but it does feature
a few twists and turns, to keep the player interested in the game world.

Three Tribes is a unique game, as it gives the player a lot more freedom of
movement than they are use to. We are using the same visual perspective as
the 2D Zelda games, but we allow the player to go, climb, swim, fly anywhere
they want to. This creates some exciting new possibilities, where players
can decide how to handle certain situations themselves instead of being told
what to do to solve a certain problem. You talked about various puzzle elements. Can you give us examples? Will this introduce a new way of gaming or adapt concepts from other existing games?

Collin van Ginkel For Three Tribes we do not really talk about puzzles, but more about
'scenes'. Where the player is presented with a problem and needs to solve it
using the tools available in the environment. In one of the scenes the
player is asked to find sheep that have escaped from their den. In this case
the players can use other sheep to throw against sheep stuck in a tree, or
they can place sheep in the water, so that they will drift back to the den.
It's all up to the player. Also it is mentioned playable on Nintendo DS. Will the game also come out on a DS cartridge?

Collin van Ginkel The current version of Three Tribes is running on GBA hardware, but we do
have plans for the Nintendo DS version as well. The technology is very
scalable and can be used on a variety of systems. What will be main differences between the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS Version?

Which functions of the Nintendo DS will you use? Touchpad, Speech-Control, Dual Screens and how?

Collin van Ginkel The obvious things would be touch-screen and double screen support. We can't
give away our specific plans at this point, but we've got some very exciting
ideas for the Nintendo DS. The first movie seems be funny and blackly at the same time. In what special branch would you put the game?

Collin van Ginkel The teaser trailer you are referring to is an introduction of one of the
main characters. We will reveal more in new movies soon, keep your eye out
of Is there a release date set for the game?

Collin van Ginkel Not yet. What do you think of the Nokia N-Gage and Sonys PSP? Will you also develop for there systems?

Collin van Ginkel We have co-developed Worms World Party for the Nokia N-Gage and we think the
game fits the N-Gage really well. It also is the only portable version to
feature world wide online multiplayer without the need for a hotspot. The
PSP is certainly an interesting device, and we are watching the developments
closely. What are your favourite games?

Collin van Ginkel Most of my free time is currently spent with Halo2 and Burnout3. Some older
games I really love are Parodius, FZero and the Resident Evil series. Is there anything you would like to tell our readers about the game or in general?

Collin van Ginkel I would like to thank them for their interest in our games, and that we
always appreciate to hear what they think of our creations.

Thanks to Collin van Ginkel for his support

The interview was held by Kevin Jensen for
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