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Seite 2: Interview mit UbiSoft zu Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force


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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 08.09.2004

Deutsch | English

PlanetGameboy: Could you shortly present your position and company to us?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: I'm the producer of handheld console production in Ubisoft Montréal. Our team is managing and producing various title for the Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and Nintendo GBA.

PlanetGameboy: The Star Wars licence appreciates great popularity, what do you think about Star Wars in general and being able to develop a Star Wars licensed game?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: Star Wars is an important part of our youth souvenirs. Back in 78, I still see myself in my local cinema place with my big popcorn trying not to blink my eyes not to miss anything. So yes it was a dream for me and a lot of my team's member to work on a SW title.

PlanetGameboy: What will this Star Wars game separate from the previous ones?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: Apprentice of the force is a collection of the greatest moments from the first Trilogy. There is a part of us in the game since there was not enough space on the cartridge to put everything we wanted, so we had to make to adjustements. I would say that our main intention was to make the best GBA title on the Star Wars universe. It is a must for any Star Wars fan!

PlanetGameboy: How good is the cooperation with Lucas Arts?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: It is Very good. We had alot of freedom and the project went right from start to finish. Again, many thanks to them.

PlanetGameboy: Do you have to get permissions before you can develop freely?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: Yes, as in any normal licencee/ licencing relation.

PlanetGameboy: The graphic engine seems to be very similar to the one used in Prince of Persia, what are the main differences?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: Yes indeed, the engine of Prince of Persia was a very good one and fitted very well for our game. The main difference is that at some place in the game we were able to add some high quality backgrounds that were designed by a very talented artist here in UbiSoft Montreal.

PlanetGameboy:Can you tell us a little more about the game play? How strong was the influence of the older Super Nintendo Star Wars games in comparison to the new Game Boy Advance game?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: We decided to go on a traditional hack and slash direction. Yes for sure, the classic Super Star Wars titles were a good reference for us. We tried to keep the good side of them but remove the weak side of them like the difficulty level.

PlanetGameboy: Will the player be able to use "the force"?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: Yes, you relive the greatest moments throughout Luke's eyes. So, as Luke, you need to learn the Force and use it when needed. There are various Jedi abilities that you learn throughout the game, such as Force Push, Jedi Slash or the light saber deflection ability.

PlanetGameboy: What is the approximate length of the game?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: I would say 7-8hrs (for an average player)

PlanetGameboy: In how far is Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force based on the movies?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: Pretty close , since we tried to recreate the unique experience of reliving Luke's journey from a young farmer boy to a Jedi Knight.

PlanetGameboy: Which ones?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: The complete first trilogy.

PlanetGameboy: Will you use the original soundtrack from the movies?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: Yes , a Star Wars game without the orginial music from John Williams wouldn't be a true Star Wars game.

PlanetGameboy: What special surprises can the player expect?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: Cool moves, nice Environments, Challenging bosses, and exclusive bonuses from the original trilogy that you must unlock throughout the game.

PlanetGameboy: If you could be a character out of the Star Wars universe, who would you chose?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: Yoda is very cool ! :p

PlanetGameboy: What is your favourite Game Boy Advance Game?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: Hard to say. A lot of Nintendo titles are marvelous. If I tell you Rayman you will say I'm patriotic :O)

PlanetGameboy: Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Jean-Francois Mailloux: May the force be with you!
Thanks to Jean-Francois Mailloux for his support

The Interview was held by Kevin Jensen
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