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Seite 2: Interview zu Rebelstar: Tactical Command


Autor: Kevin Jensen

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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 08.06.2005

Deutsch | English

We talked with Julian Gollop, Lead Designer und Managing Director von Codo Technologies Ltd. about the upcoming Tactical-RPG Rebelstar: Tactical Command. To find out what he has to say about his game you can read our Could you briefly introduce yourself, company and position to our readers?

Julian Gollop: I am Julian Gollop, lead designer and managing director of Codo Technologies Ltd. You are recently developing Rebelstar Tactical Command for the Game Boy Advance. Can you tell us more about the story and game play of the game?

Julian Gollop: The story is set on earth about a hundred years in the future. The earth has been conquered by an alien race which takes humans away when they reach the age of thirty. No one seems to know what happens to them. The player controls the rebels who are fighting against the aliens and trying to solve the mystery of what has happened to all the abducted humans. During the course of the game the player will encounter many alien species and discover new technology and equipment. The story unfolds according to the success of the player and the choices he makes.

The game uses an isometric engine to show terrain in three dimensions. Battles are resolved using a turn based system, in which characters use Action Points to perform all actions, such as shooting, moving, throwing, exchanging equipment, using equipment and so on. The system is quite flexible, and provides a great variety of tactical choices. The terrain is destructible, so the tactical situation can alter drastically when powerful weapons are used. Things can catch fire, smoke will obscure sight, and even suffocate unprotected characters. Close combat and stealth tactics play an important part, as well as a variety of range weapons, guided missiles and grenades. What will make this game special in comparison to other existing strategy games?

Julian Gollop: The tactical depth is unusual for a GBA game, and the focus on character development and skills means that it is also an involving role playing game too. This hasn’t really been done since the X-Com series, and certainly never on the GBA. Some of our readers think they see parallels to the X-Com Series. How did elements of existing games influence your development?

Julian Gollop: The influence has been very great. We have developed the turn-based combat system we created for X-Com and improved on it. X-Com had a great role-playing element, but we have improved on that too, with the addition of character skills, as well as general character improvement of basic attributes. What will be the approximate game play length for an average player?

Julian Gollop: It should be around 40-50 hours for the single player campaign, but the multiplayer options will extend the gameplay even further. Will the game have an included multiplayer mode? If yes, will multiplayer be possible with only one cartridge?

Julian Gollop: There will be a multiplayer mode designed to run in ‘hotseat’ mode using just one GBA. Players will take turns to move and shoot with their characters. Progress in the single player campaign game will unlock more characters, equipment and maps for multiplayer games. In the multiplayer mode, the player will get to play the alien characters. When will the game be released in Europe?

Julian Gollop: Later this year, but an exact ship date has not yet been announced. What is our opinion to aliens, ufos, etc.? Do they exist?

Julian Gollop: Of course they do, but I haven’t met any aliens personally. At least, none that I am aware of. I have seen UFOs though. Really. Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Julian Gollop: Don’t panic!

The interview was held by Kevin Jensen for

Thanks to Julian Gollop for his support.

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