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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 27.04.2002

Raylight, an italian GBA-Game Developer, recently got into the news, because they published Information, pictures and videos about their new development: The "Blue Roses"-Engine, which is the first 3D-Engine for Gameboy Advance.
But that isn't everything they're working on at the moment. Planetgameboy interviewed the Vice-President of Raylight: Massimiliano Di Monda about that engine and other Games and Produkts of his company: [PG]:

Can you quickly present the projects for GameboyAdvance, which Raylight

is currently working on?

Massimiliano Di Monda: [MdM]

We're working on Wings Advance in collaboration with Crawfish and

Cinemaware. The game will be published by Metro 3D. Wings is the remake of the classic Amiga game from Cinemaware and it will feature a lot of enhancement respect the original title. The title will be out shortly. GB Rally 2, it is a rally simulation game that will feature full textured 3D graphics both for the background and the car itself as you can see

downloading the movie we've posted on our website, this allow the car to have real physic, collision and behaviours. the main feature of the game will be graphics, strong gameplay and fun! Star Giants, at the moment I can say too much for this title, more will come very soon.............

We'll have other titles in development, more will come to the E3, stay


PG: How many people are working on these projects ?

MdM: We've 10 people internally at Raylight Studios, we use freelancers also.

At the moment we're getting in more people as the company is growing up


PG: Your BlueRoses Enginge seems to be very impressive. Do you have games

using this engine under development or any other plans yet?

MdM: At the moment I can't say the titles we've in development using the

BlueRoses, but we've several games on going.

PG: When can we expect Wings, Star Giants and GB Rally 2 Advance to be ready ?

MdM: Wings will be available shortly, about GB Rally we've to find a publisher

first and Star Giants.....more will come on this title very soon.

PG: Do you have a publisher for these games yet ?

MdM: Wings will be published by Metro 3D.

PG: You are co-developing Wings with Crawfish. What is your part in the work ?

MdM: We're in charge of the development of the project (Code and Graphics),

Crawfish is assisting us with designers and producer, our relationship is

really good and we think we'll make more projects with them.

PG: Are you satisfied with the possibillities of programming on the GBA ?

MdM: The AGB is an handheld console born to be a 2D platform so we have no

support from hardware doing 3d. All is done in software. A very negative point is

the slow memory which complicate all the stuff.

Anyway In the beginning nobody (include us) believed that a AGB was

powerful enough to support 3D, but it needs to be carefully pushed to its limits. We achieved

very good result and soon all the gamers will enjoy a new generation of AGB games!

PG: Since when are you working on GBA-projects and why did you decide to

develop for the GameboyAdvance ?

MdM: We start working on the GBA since May 2001, when we start our

collaboration with Crawfish Interactive. We decided for the GBA as when we started (we were

just 4 people), so the GBA was a good start for our company in the beginning.

Now we can run more projects at the same time and we're looking for

"bigger" console possibilities also :)

PG: Do you see any trends for future GBA-Games ?

MdM: 3D games is the future trend! :) And with "Blue Roses" this future is

nearer than ever!

PG: What is your favourite GBA-Game at the moment ?

MdM: my favourite is F-zero an all time classic, and also Golden Sun with its

excellent realization!

PG: Is there anything else that you want to tell our readers ?

MdM: Thanks a lot to all readers for your interest in Raylight and our


Interview by Hendrik Jasnoch
- published by

Thx to Massimiliano Di Monda for the support.

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