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Autor: Iceman

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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 12.02.2003

Deutsch | English

PG: What is your job at Radium?

Martijn: I am the project manager and game designer for Radium.

PG: Since when are you working on GameboyAdvance-projects and why did you decide to develop for the GameboyAdvance ?

Martijn:Our company started in 1998 on the Gameboy Color. When the Gameboy Advance came out, we automatically aquired a license for the Gameboy Advance. So to answer your question: About 6 months before the Gameboy Advance hit the market.

PG: We currently saw pictures and videos about your 3D Adventure Radium, can you tell us a little about the gameplay?

Martijn: We wanted Radium to be an Action/Adventure, rather than a shooter from the start on. We tried to include a lot of puzzle-elements and dialog in the game to make it feel more like an adventure. The free camera movement also helps a lot here, since we are able to place cinematics, security cameras and follow-cams in the levels.
I would also like to say that we are sorry that a beta of our game was leaked to The video’s on their site doesn’t represent the final game. We have released our “official promotional movie” for Radium today on our website. Please check that movie out, as it shows you more about the game than I can tell you here.

PG: What will the 3D engine be able to manage in final status?

Martijn: Radium is our first project to utilise our Radium engine, which has been developed specifically for low-end processor machines. In combination with our RAD world editor, it allows us to build advanced 3D games (both first person perspective or camera driven) on low-end machines.

Radium engine features include:

- Advanced BSP/PVS-based rendering engine

- Hand-optimised texture-mapping routines

- Full 3D camera system, including intelligent camera moving to avoid intersecting objects.

- 3D cinematics.

- Dynamic sector lighting and blinking lights.

- Depth shading and fogging.

- 3D mirrors.

- Dialogs

- Fully texture mapped environments.

- Action-based music events.

PG: Why did you decide for a female main charakter?

From the start of the project (over a year ago now), we decided we wanted a futuristic female lead character. It wasn’t until later in the project that we actually came up with for her: Nova. All the names in Radium have a deeper meaning to them, and so does the name Nova.

PG: Will there be multiplayer-features?

Martijn: The original plans were to include multiplayer features and save RAM. However, due to financial reasons we were not able to include those features in the final release.

PG: The Gameboy Advance does't have much 3D grafic power, are you saticefied with the possibilities of programming ?

Martijn: Yes, we are pretty pleased with the end-result. I think our Radium engine has a lot of new features not seen on the Gameboy Advance before. Please bare in mind that an engine used in a game is a totally different thing than a stand-alone engine demo.

PG: Do you have a publisher yet and when can European gamers expect to play "Radium"?

Martjin: Telegames will be publishing the game in the US and Europe. Since telegames isn’t that strong in Europe, we are currently talking to a few partners in Europe to help us distribute the boxes in Europe. The releasedate for Radium is end of April 2003.

PG: You mentioned, that you are also developing for Nokia's new gaming cell phone N-Gage, are there any advantages/disadvantages between the GBA and the N-Gage?

Martijn: At the moment we are not at liberty to talk about our development activities for the N-gage platform.

PG: What will be the future projects of the Radium team?

Martijn: Besides Radium, we have 2 other projects in development. “EFX” and “Warp”. We hope to release a promotional movie on EFX soon, however: EFX doesn’t have a publisher for GBA yet. And at the moment there is nothing I can say about Warp. Besides Gameboy Advance, we also have other projects for mobile phones. We’ve just updated our website at, so anyone interested in our forthcoming projects can take a look there.

PG: Do you see any trends concerning GBA-Games?

Martijn:In the Gameboy market, over 80% of all games are bought by parents, the Gameboy market is really flooded with no-fun/no-quality cartoon-licensed games. This is a shame, because it leaves almost no room for original titles, which are 9 out of 10 times of a better quality than licensed titles.

PG: Is there anything else that you want to tell our readers?

Martijn:Radium is a unique game for the Gameboy Advance. Besides the technological achievements of the game, there is a great story and plot to look forward to. The technology used for Radium is developed to serve the game play, not visa versa. The in game cinematics and dialog really enhance the players gaming experience and will draw the player into the game.

PG: Thank you for your support, and good luck with your gaming projects!

Martijn: No problem, good luck with your site.

The interview was held by Kevin Jensen [Iceman]
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