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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 04.02.2003

Planet Gameboy: Paul, what is your job at Paragon5?

Paul Braigel: I'm the CEO and Founder of Paragon Five. My job is to basically figure out what direction to take the company and to get our titles placed with the best suited publisher. I often will get my hands dirty with game design as well.

PG: In the USA "Karnaaj" is already released. What is this game about?

Paul: Karnaaj Rally is a prototypical pick up and play action/racer. Your goal is simply to destroy or be destroyed while racing your hardest to win the race. Along the way you pick up upgrades, new cars and even place some bets to win extra cash.

PG: When I saw the first "Karnaaj"-Screenshots I only thoght "Wow!". What makes your engine look so great?

Paul: This is from months of R&D done by our team to really meld our 3d engine with the stunning work from our 2d artists. The result is a first of its kind hybrid 2d/3d engine on the GBA. The depth the 3d brings to the game really has to be seen.

PG: When can European gamers expect to play "Karnaaj"?

Paul: This is in negotiations. Currently Jaleco holds the worldwide publishing rights to this title and they are in the process of determinin the marketability of the title in Europe. So we need support from readers like you to send emails to Jaleco asking to have this title released in europe.

PG: What the hell means "Karnaaj"?

Paul: Its a play on the word 'carnage'. In other words destruction, madness, mayhem!

PG: Your current project is "Micro Machines", a very popular game. What do you think: Why do so many people like this racer?

Paul: Its a simple but great idea. You race through the eyes of minature cars. Just like we did when we were all young. Can't beat it simplicity.

PG: Do you use the "Karnaaj"-engine?

Paul: Yes, we have use the Karnaaj engine as a base for the title. We added improvements and also changed quite a few things to distinguish the games.

PG: What are the differences between these two games?

Paul: First of all the setting the game takes place in is completely different. Karnaaj is more 'realistic' while Micromachines takes place in a fantasy/minature world. Also, they physic in Micromachines makes the cars feel much lighter and bouncier, so the control sceme is complete different.

PG: Could you tell us something about multiplayer in "Micro Machines"?

Paul: It will be all the same addictive action as the one player but instead you can all play at the same time. If all 4 players own the cart you can access all the levels. In single cart mode we have a few special tracks for players to access.

PG: What do you think about 3D-racers on GBA?

Paul: Very few are done properly and honestly there are tooo many of them. This is why we went the overhead route. Due to that we are the first ones to the market with this style of game on the GBA.

PG: In Europe we did not hear much about "Hardcore Pinball". Will there be an European release?

Paul: It seems like there wasn't a strong response to this title so the
publisher hasn't decided to work out an exclusive deal to distribute in Europe. However you can order online through Telegames and they will ship from their UK office. Go to to place your order.

PG: What can we expect from Paragon 5 in the future?

Paul: I can only home that we will see some sequels to the titles we have
developed and to continue making addictive games like we have been.

PG: Do you see any trends concerning GBA-Games?

Paul: Licenses, licenses, licenses. I would love to see this change, but its highly doubtful. If you as a reader want to change this, then simply buy more original titles. Publishers will notice! Make Karnaaj Rally into an underground hit. :)

PG: Is there anything else that you want to tell our readers?

Paul: For all you hardcore Karnaaj racers out there, be sure to hit and compete against the best racers in the world with your high scores. Also, we're always looking for
talented designers/testers that are interested in giving feedback on our
titles in development. So please feel free to contact us via our webpage at

Thanks to Paul Bragiel for the Interview

The interview was held by Michael Voigt|Nasreddin

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