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Seite 2: Interview mit Pocketeers über Need for Speed


Autor: Iceman

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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 12.03.2003

Deutsch | English

PG: Mat what is your job at pocketeers?

Mat: I am the Lead Programmer and Co-Founder of Pocketeers.

PG: We heard that you will soon release your first 3D Gameboy Advance game Need for Speed: Porsche Unleased, can you tell us a little about the gameplay?

Mat: The game play will be more realistic in comparison to the current crop of GBA racers. Examples are more realistic collision detection and driver AI, as well as a semi-realistic physics system.

PG: Will there be multiplayer-features?

Mat:We plan to include 2-player link up

PG: Need for Speed is a popular Racing Series, are you saticefied to work on one this game?

Mat: Yes, we are delighted to be working on such a well known license.

PG: In how far do you get support from the original creators of NFS?

Mat: We have received absolutely no support.

PG: The GBA dosn't have that much 3D graficpower, what will be the general diferences between one of the PC Versions and your GBA game?

Mat:The main differences visually will be lower polygon models and environments.

PG: When can European gamers expect to play "Need for Speed?

Mat:Hopefully July

PG: In your last news you metioned that you will use a upgraded version of your very good looking 3D engine, how fast will the game be when it's completed?

Mat: We are aiming for a base frame rate of 20 to 30 frames per second

PG: What will be the Future projects of the pocketeers team?

Mat: We are hoping that a publisher picks up TWOC or ZT, but we are speaking with numerous publishers with regards to variety of high profile titles.

PG: Do you see any trends concerning GBA-Games?

Mat: Yes, good games generally sell well.

Thanks to Mat for the support.

The interview was held by Kevin Jensen [Iceman]
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