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Seite 2: Interview mit XKalibur über Mythri


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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 24.03.2003

Deutsch | English

PlanetGameboy: What is you job at Team Xkalibur?

Tomm Hulett: I'm the Lead Designer for Mythri, as well as the co-owner of the company. My main jobs include writing out directions for the rest of the team on how to create Mythri. Designing areas and objectives for the game, and keeping everyone organized and working. I also wrote the script for Mythri, and all the in-game dialogue.

PG: Could you give us a brief description about how Team XKalibur was founded and its first projekts?

Tomm: My business partner (Art Director) Keith Martineau and I were both applying for jobs at a new Game Development company. He didn't get accepted, and we decided that we'd be better off making games our way instead of somebody else's. We formed Team XKalibur in 1998, and began working on Mythri for the Gameboy Color. It never received a publisher, and we set about proposing various demo projects to different publishers.

Last December, Variant Interactive came to us and asked if we could recreate Mythri for the Gameboy Advance platform. We obviously said yes. ;)

PG: Since when are you working on Gameboy Advance-projects and why did you decide to develop for the Gameboy Advance?

Tomm: We've been making GBA demos since as early as 2001. We like developing for portable platforms because it allows us to make the types of games we grew up playing.

PG: Could you tell us more about the gameplay and features of Mythri?

Tom: Most of the gameplay is top-secret right now, but I'll tell you what I can. The story scenes are punctuated by "manga stills" which are large hand-drawn pictures like the one you have on your site already, of Kageru on his farm. There are also smaller ones which appear during dialogue. These help to provide additional emotion during plot segments.
As far as our "Kampfsystem" goes, there is not much information I'm allowed to say. However, I will give you this exclusive tidbit--battles revolve around the "engagement system" to add strategy and realism to monster encounters.

Magic can be leveled up so that it may be cast more quickly, or do more damage in battle.

There are many other secret features which will surprise gamers who play Mythri. I hope everyone enjoys them!

PG: Ist it more complicated to produce RPG's in comparision to other game-styles?

Tomm: RPGs require many other areas to concentrate on than other genres. While an action game might require the developer to focus on enemies, gameplay, and stages--in an RPG, we have to develop the story, the characters, the maps, the monsters, and the various items the player can use. There is a lot more of each element, as well. A good action game might feature 30 opponents, while Mythri has upwards of 200.

PG: How long will it take players to complete the full game?

Tomm: Mythri should take between 40 and 60 hours to complete, on the first playthrough. There are over 65 locations for the player to explore.

PG: Will the game come out to the european market? If it does, about when will we be able to play it?

PG: Honestly, we didn't know until now that we had European fans. I'd like to thank planetgameboy for bringing this to our attention :) I'd like Mythri to be on the European market if at all possible, but negotiations haven't yet been made. Keep an eye on and as soon as I know information on a European release--I'll post it up. I'll do what I can to ensure everyone who wants to play Mythri will be able to.

Mythri comes out in America in March or April of 2004, so the European release would be sometime after that. More information will eventually be posted on our website.

PG: Do you have any running future projekts?

Tomm: We have some surprises in store.

PG: What are your favorite Gameboy Advance games?

Tomm: Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, Zelda: LttP, Metroid Fusion, Lunar Legend, and Advance Wars are all very solid titles.

PG: Do you see any trends in future GBA games?

Tom: I'm glad that people are beginning to develop original GBA games that aren't just ports of old SNES games. The game creators are finally seeing how far these games can be taken, and truly unique titles are beginning to come out. I hope Mythri can be a groundbreaking title like this.

PG: Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Tomm: We're working hard to make sure that Mythri is a unique and rich experience for video gamers. Now that we know there is a European audience that would like to play, it should be interesting to see how different people and cultures respond to Mythri. I hope we can all enjoy it :)

Thanks for the opportunity for this interview. We'll make sure you guys get updates and artwork, just like our friends on this side of the ocean.

Thanks to Tomm Hulett for the support

This interview was held by Kevin Jensen [Iceman]

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