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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 28.01.2004

Deutsch | English

Christian Votava (L.S.P.) answered our questions and revealed exclusive new features of their new game, CT Special Forces 3. What is your job at L.S.P.?

Christian Votava: My name is Christian Votava. My position is to manage thedevelopment team, and to code the main CT SPECIAL FORCES Gameengine. Could you give us a brief description about how L.S.P. was founded and its first projects?

Christian Votava: L.S.P. was created in 1999 and focused from the beginning on delivering great gameplay experiences for the Game Boy players. Indeed, our first title was Antz on GBC and we were among the first European publishers on GBA with Inspector gadget: Advance Mission.

Since then, we have released about 10 titles on GBA! We are also publishing games on PC and PS2 for instance. We have for instance kill.switch on PC coming up in March. Since when are you working on Gameboy Advance-projects and why did you decide to develop for the Gameboy Advance?

Christian Votava: As I just told you, we were on GBA from Day One.

Me personnaly, I have been in the industry for more than 10 years and have been specializing on mobile gaming, working on games such as Rayman or the Smurfs on the GBC. I joined L.S.P. to code the entire engine and have been also responsible for an innovatice set of tools.

I chose the GBA because it is an amazing piece of hardware that can bring anywhere the best pieces of gameplay ever such as Mario Kart! I am also a big fan of the old classics and wanted to bring some 2D genres to a next level. Which is pretty much what I think we have achieved with the CT Special Forces series. Could you tell us more about the game play and features of CT Special Forces 3: Bioterror?

Christian Votava: We stick to what made the series a success: 2D action-shooting at its best!

Still, as for the previous episodes, we have made our best to offer a varied experience to gamers by adding sub-genres, etc. This time, you will especially appreciate the underwater levels which will take your soldiers to secret bases, etc.

It is also the first time we add Robots and mutants in a CT SPECIAL FORCES game. It changes the game by their looks and their weapons.
For example, all of the main bosses have special weapons. I think they add a little bit of fun and craziness to the world of anti-terrorism. The game remains realistic in terms of weapons, ect. But the enemies are sometimes closer to those you might encounter in an X Men episode. They also benefit from enhanced weapons with laser beams for instance. What will be the general differences between the earlier versions?

Christian Votava: Apart from what, I have already told you.

As always, we tried to consider all the remarks from you and the other sources, because our goal is to make a game for players, not for us.
So, in this opus, we tried to increase the quality of level design, and game-control ; as CT2 was different than CT1 , CT3 is also different.
And because the level design is better, the durability of the game is better. This game has more life than the other CTs. Will CT Special Forces have battery save now?

Christian Votava: Unfortunately not, it is too expensive. But you will get a password at the end of each level. Can you give us a brief intro of the Story of CT SF 3?

Christian Votava: A terrifying shadow darkens the oceans...
The world’s intelligence services suspect the evil terrorist organizations. These criminals would have created a new molecule capable of modifying human DNA. By reinforcing agression and strength genes, they create a new breed of superwarriors. Did "Old School" games (for example Metal Slug) influence you in you in your game style?

Christian Votava: Of course yes ! A lot of players love playing old school games, so one of our goal was to make several games in one. It is why you can pilot helicopters, tanks, … How long will it take players to complete the full game?

Christian Votava: More than CT2. It depends of the quality of the player. Do you have any running future projects?

Christian Votava: We are of course thinking of a sequel to CT3 that would incorporate some never-seen features on GBA... I would also love to see CT on Nintendo DS, can you imagine switching from one screen to another to snipe with one character and then throw a grenade with the other one! What are your favourite Gameboy Advance games?

Christian Votava: Advance Wars. I just can play it for hours without noticing. Do you see any trends in future GBA games?

Christian Votava: I hope we will get to see more original games. Most of the games look the same and are based on licenses. But I am not sure it is going to happen. What do you think about Nokia's N-Gage and the upcoming handheld system Playstation Portable from Sony? Will you also produce games for these systems?

Christian Votava: Let’s say that I am waiting for N-Gage 2. PSP could be a good future for handled systems. It allows developers to make handled games never seen before. Still, I cannot wait to see it in real at E3! Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Christian Votava: Continue to help us with your comments, remarks, it is the best way for us to create games for you. Danke sehr!

Many thanks to Christian Votava for his support!

The interview was held by Kevin Christopher Jensen

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