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Autor: Nasreddin

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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 20.07.2002 [PG]: It would be nice if you could tell us something about Lost Boys Games.

Mathijs de Jonge : [MdJ] We are a games developer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Currently we've got about 50 people working on various next-gen console titles.

PG: Currently you are working on two titles for Gameboy Advance. One of them is "Invader". What is this game about?

MdJ: Invader is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up like Super Aleste on the SNES. It has various game modes like multi-player mode and a Boss-attack mode in which you can practice defeating the end-bosses. Invader features powerful weaponery, coins you can use in a shop, strong enemy characters, visual effects like night and day changes, accurate shadows, transparent water, huge end-bosses and a lot more.

PG: Could you tell something more about the multiplayer-modes?

MdJ: We always wanted to make this game as arcade-like as possible. So 2 players can link up and play Invader 2 player mode, but it is also possible to start a single player game and anywhere in the game a second player can link-up and join at the cost of 1 credit.

PG: At the beginning the project was called "Kaisertal". Why did you change the name?

MdJ: "Kaisertal" was the original name but the publisher thought that the name didn't reveal the game's genre, so they decided that it had to change to "Invader".

PG: The second project is "Black Belt Challenge". Could you explain the gameplay?

MdJ: Black Belt Challenge is our beat-em-up a little like Dark Stalkers or Pocket Fighters. There are 10+ Super Deformed and fluently animated characters. Each character has its own colorful multi-layer animated background. The fighting system utilizes clever AI, tons of moves and cool special moves. Besides the normal Arcade mode the game featers Survival mode, Challenge mode, Practice mode and 2 player linkup VS mode.

PG: "Black Belt Challenge" does not look like a Fighting Game as usual. What is different to "Streetfighter" or "Tekken"?

MdJ: The characters are new and a very big in size if you compare them to any other game. The game is not a conversion but a fully original title. The game modes available are only seen in top games like Soul Calibur.

PG: Can we expect more Lost Boys games for Gameboy Advance?

MdJ: It is incredibily hard to sell unlicensed games to a publisher. So instead of creating our own games and then selling them we've decided to get assignments from publishers first and then start working. As a result we are now working on PS2 titles. But if we get a good offer by a publisher for a GBA game then we might pick it up.

PG: Are you satisfied with the possibillities of programming on the GBA?

MdJ: I am not a programmer but I've noticed that the doorstep is realy low for programmers. They can program in C++ which saves an enourmous amount of time over assembly language.

PG: What do you think about the future of the Gameboy Advance?

MdJ: The machine itself is powerful but I think that most games could be a lot better. The western games market has become very commercial. Most of the games are created by or for people who just want to make a quick buck instead of a good game. This does not only block the creativity of developers but eventualy consumers will stop buying them. If that happens then some publishers might have to change their attitude and the market will have it's U-turn. I can't wait to see this happen.

PG: Is there anything else that you want to tell our readers?

MdJ: We hope you will like our games!

Interview by Michael Voigt/ Nasreddin
- published by

Thanks to Mathijs de Jonge for the support.

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