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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 23.01.2004

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Gameboyzz Orchestra Project for Planet GameBoy:

PlanetGameboy: Could you shortly introduce yourself and band to our readers?

Martha Klonowska: My name is Marta Klonowska, I am the manager of Gameboyzz Orchestra Project from the very beginning, which makes me very happy, because their success is in small part also mine. I am also independent curator, cooperating with artists and institutions in Poland and abroad. My field of interest is media art, specially electronic and experimental music. Beside of Gameboyzz Orchestra Project I am taking care of such artists as Pawel Janicki with Ping Melody performance (, CH District (, or representing in Poland media artist from Canada Adad Hannah (

Gameboyzz Orchestra Project are currently six members:

• Jaroslaw Kujda – leader, composer, solist

• Pawel Janicki – producer, vj, composer, solist

• Mariusz Jura – soloist, composer

• Malgorzata Kujda - soloist, composer, photographer

• Agnieszka Kujda - soloist, composer

• Tomasz Prockow - soloist, composer

There is one marriage in the band, one kinsfolk, three cousins, one engagement, and we all are very good friends. A kind of family business, Gameboyzz Family.

The group has been active since 2001. Their first performance took place at WRO 01 International Media Art Biennale in Wroclaw, Poland, on 5th May, 2001.
The author and the person responsible for the project is Jaroslaw Kujda.

Jaroslaw Kujda - born 28th of June 1977 in Bystrzyca KBodzka. Graduated from School of Visual Advertising in Zwidnica. A media artist and culture animator. Practises computer graphics (distinguished at Young Electronic Arts 2000, Die Deutsch Polnische Gesellschaft Essen e.V chosen his Logo), animation 2d (participant of the review Mikrokino FEST 2001 - Yugoslavia), performance; composes using instrumental electronics (among others: projects 17115 and kunstbande SLA published by an independent Dutch label Staalplaat, DOXAPINE, samploza lab anssample). Creator of artistic projects for the GameBoy Color (artROM – artistic software; Gameboyzz Orchestra Project - music performance created for the IX Media Art Biennale WRO 01). He is one of the founders of the
multimedia art formation Kunstbande SLA and one of the creators of the series Review of Audiovisual Art - Strefa. Connected with the subculture environment of the 90`s, an author and publisher of the art zine biaBy cieD (white shadow). Participates in reviews and exhibitions. One of the founders and commissioners of the international art project The condition of the cube ( Resident in KBodzko [Poland].

PlanetGameboy: How did you come up with the idea making music with Game Boy's?

Jarek Kujda: “GameBoy console is small and very comfortable in transport. There is special music software dedicated to this console only (i.e. Nanoloop, which we use), which has inspired us to create Gameboyzz Orchestra Project. Beside of this I am a man, which likes to search for new (old) sources of sound creation. I was using earlier (and still use) GameBoy in my other music project kunstbande SLA as a drum machine. The aim of the Gameboyzz Orchestra Project is to create irony in the electronic music scene with our low tech hardware and relatively simple software in a world dominated by ever more advanced digital music processing and creation technologies. A crucial decision since the very conception of this digital music project was the creation of a unique brand of music by relying solely on our GameBoy consoles as musical instruments. Originally project was thought as a kind of joke, created for International Media Art Biennale WRO 01 in Wroclaw / Poland. Kitschy sound in kitschy
visual setting.

Suddenly it turned out that idea meet with great interest of festival's
audience and we started to develop the project. We started also to receive
proposals of concerts. Our project has got also imitators – gameboy orchestras in Germany or Austria started to appear.”

PlanetGameboy: Do you use a special program to produce the sounds or do you actually use the various Game Boy's to make them?

Malgorzata Kujda: "We all use a Gameboy's Advance SP with different software. Main source of sounds generation is for us Nanoloop. We also use LSDj (Little Sound Dj), program which is perfect to playing live. And simple drum machine like GB Electric Drum or Pounder, synthesizers (Nanosynth) and noise generator
(UCBN). From the beginning some of us are working on the Gameboy Camera with
Dj program built-in. That’s all software that we use to play."

PlanetGameboy: What is your favorite Game Boy for making sounds and how big are the sound differences between them?

Jarek Kujda: "We choose and use now GameBoy Advance SP. Why? Because GBA SP have more clear sound output than old version of GameBoy, and have a great backlight
screen and rechargeable battery (very useful for performing concerts!). We also still use on GBA SP 8-bit/oldschool software like Nanoloop and LSDJ
(dedicated for old version of GameBoy). Hi-tech and lo-soft! ;-)"

PlanetGameboy: Would you declare your music as a new genre?

Jarek Kujda: "Hmmm... We are not musical critics, only musicians. Some people say about our music "bleepy beepy music" or "blip-pop"... There is a lot of people that make music on old school stuff like Commodore, Atari, Spectrum. But we want to play only live experimental music, not cover songs. Something like an
electronic jam session. This is difference."

PlanetGameboy: Will this kind of music become popular in the future? Or do you think it will rather be a trendy sound for fans?

Malgorzata Kujda: "I don't think that this kind of music will be popular in the future, because still it isn't commercial music. Maybe only because of software or instrument to making music it can be more and more popular. But I think it
will be rather a trendy sound for fans."

PlanetGameboy: When will we hear your music in the charts the first time?

Malgorzata Kujda: "I hope soon! But if I have to be honest this is the same situation like in the previous question. It's not easy music, and maybe if we will make a cover of very popular track, then maybe quickly...Right now we are working on a new album and we have hope that there will be hit number 1!"

PlanetGameboy: What is your favorite created song?

Tomek Prockow: “Actually we do not create any „songs” – all tracks are concert records, which we play live and improvised. I can say about my favorite part of a concert, and this is part VI live in Paris.”

PlanetGameboy: What kind of music do you listen in your free time?

Martha Klonowska: “In our free time we listen to the very different kind of music – from classical to new, experimental and minimal electro or jazz. We also listen to pop or mainstream, just to be up to date with every news from the world of entertainment, to which we also belong. There are 6 people in the band, so you can imagine, how wide the scope of the interest can be…”

PlanetGameboy: Will you ever make like remixes of existing in game music?

Jarek Kujda: “No, Never. Because this is illegal.”

PlanetGameboy: What is your favourite all time Game Boy game? (GB, GBC and/or GBA)

Jarek Kujda: "GB: Avenging Spirit, Kirby (all games), Montezuma's Return, R-Type, Super Mario, Wario Land...
GBC: Wario Land 2, Spy vs Spy, Cannon Fooder, Shantae, Toki Tori, Legend of Zelda, Street Fighter Alpha, Aliens Thanatos Encounter, Croc...
GBA: Castlevania (all games), Metroid Fusion & Zero Mission, Advance Wars 1
& 2, Metal Slug Advance, Payback, Mario vs Donkey Kong, Bomberman and much
more..I hate Pokemon series!"

Tomek Prockow: “I like to play logic games, like: Quirk, Denki Blocks etc., as well as Tetris.

I often play old GameBoy games, which reminds me the times, when I played with my first PC, for example Micro Machines, Lemmings, Dynablaster.”
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