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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 03.08.2003

Deutsch | English Puzzle games have mostly been clones of TETRIS and therefore each new puzzle game has to prove its inovation first. What makes Gem Smashers different from other GBA puzzle games?

Marco Pacifico: Gem Smashers has an original concept, nothing to do with Tetris or every other puzzle game seen before. It's more like an action-puzzle than properly a puzzle game. We are sure that everyone will like the concept,
the great care of the game and the fun this game gives to the players! There will be several characters included in your game - does the choice of the character have any influence on the gameplay?

Marco: Yes, the characters have their own skills, and this will influence player's way-to-play. For example, when selecting "Bam" (the yellow chick), you will be able to break walls with only one shot, but he's a bit slower than the other characters, so the puzzles will be solved in a different way. Besides, each character has its own original colour so, depending from the area where you play, you can take advantage at the starting point. Which one is your favourite Gem Smashers character, anyway?

Marco: Well, my favourite character is Bau (the red hermit crab), because he has averages skills and a funny muzzle :) How long have you been working on "Gem Smashers"? What was the biggest problem to deal with, if there were any?

Marco: We always liked 2d games with great graphics and playability, so decided to develop a small game for the gameboy advance. We started Gem Smashers for hobby, even if our team is composed by experienced developers. As usually during the development, new ideas, publishment offers, suggestions and several other things made the game bigger as we originally tought and it tooks a bit more to be completed :) Anyway, the whole development process tooks less than one year of occasional development (we're also working on several other projects). We encountered no big problems, of course it's a gba product, so we were limited by machine's capabilites and problems (the multiplayer feature took a long time :) ). How many people have been working on the project?

Marco: We were only three (1 programmer and 2 graphics) developing this game, and it's a big satisfaction for a so small company to receive great comments and interest from publishers and press. Will there be multiplayer features?

Marco: Sure. In Gem Smashers you will be able to play against a friend in a very attractive and exciting multiplayer mode. this game mode consists in collecting the more gems you can quicker than your opponent. You can also push your opponent on death blocks to take advantage of his stop :) When can we in Europe expect to play "Gem Smashers"?

Marco: This is a publishment matter. We also believe to release the european version soon, since we are italians and the most exciting thing is to see your own game in your favourite stores too :) What's your personal favourite GBA game, and why?

Marco: Well, I played a lot Karnaaj Rally, Advance Wars and Defender Of The Crown (this one because I was a fan of Cinemaware during the Amiga age). I really don't play games too much cause of time, but I've lot fun with these games.

Gba is the best machine when you need to cover unuseful time like in the plane, during lines etc. So I think that quick games like puzzle games, sports, mission-based are great for these kind of situations :) This is one of the motivation we tough before starting to develop Gem Smashers. What do you think of the future of the GBA? Will the PSP and the N-Gage be a threat for Nintendo?

Marco: I don't think N-Gage will have a great future. It's too much expensive and I really hate this new kind of mobile phones that do everything but having a call :) PSP promises great things and it's really interesting for developers, it will be a big threat for Nintendo. Sony tooks the greater piece of the big console market, I don't know if they'll be good
enough to beat Nintendo in the handheld market too. We will continue to support the gba with new games in the nearest future. Thanks for the interview and good luck with Gem Smashers and your future projects!

Marco: It was a pleasure! I wish to thank you and your readers too. But I also wish to thank everyone who believed in our project, starting from the publisher Metro3D and everyone who will buy our products!

Many thanks to Mario Pacifico for your support!

The Interview was held by Christian Luscher [Sagat] for

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