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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 15.07.2003

Deutsch | English What is you job at Dream-On Studios?

Benjamin: I'm the manager with Laurent Krzywanski. I also write game designs and deal about the production process. Could you give us a brief description about how Dream-On Studios was founded and its first projekts?

Benjamin: We arose just after the closure of the Infogrames Lyon House Studio. We were the GBA team inside Infogrames. As we wished to go on in the video game indsutry we gathered (with some externals too) and we created Dream On Studio.

Our first project is Mr. Nutz, the GBA conversion, to be released in september. We are also working on another project for Atari and on a 3D engine for the GBA. Since when are you working on Gameboy Advance-projects and why did you decide to develop for the Gameboy Advance?

Benjamin: Some of the Dream On Studio team has been working on GameBoy since the Color version. We have about 2 years of experience on the GBA with some titles released such as Lucky Luke and Mr. Nutz. Some of us alos worked on GBC games such as Titeuf, Martian Alert & Martian Revenge. Working on GBA was for us the normal way to go on. Could you tell us more about the gameplay and features of your newest game projects like Treasure Quest or Daytona?

Benjamin: Daytona is not a game project, it's a codename for our 3D engine. As we're fan of Daytona USA, we gave this codename to our engine. But it doesn't mean in any way that we're developing Daytona USA for GBA. Though we'd like to :)

Treasure Quest will certainly never see the day of light as it's nearly impossible to make publish an original game on GBA nowadays. Anyway, we designed two levels of what could be a Metal Slug like game in the caribeans with pirates, treasures and black magic... Would be fun to finish the game one day... Talking about Mr. Nutz. Is it more complicated to produce an all new game in comparision of porting an SNES-game? What are the general differences within the development?

Benjamin: For a conversion all you need is the level design and the graphical ressources. Then you have a model to follow to recreate the levels, the ennemies, the bosses etc... The main difficulty is to be conform to the original game but in the same time adapt the difficulty level wich has decreased with years.

A brand new game is more complicated : you have to create all graphical ressources, write a good game design and make it approve by the publisher. On the other hand, you've got more freedom than when adapting a previously released game. Which of your GBA-projects is your personal favorite?

Benjamin: I'd say Treasure Quest, because it's really a creation of ours. Are there any brief releasedates set for the games?

Benjamin: No date. These are not game projects but technical demoes. Maybe one day they'll become something more than that. Do you have any running future projekts?

Benjamin: Yep. But I cannot say more for contractual reasons. What are your favorite Gameboy Advance games?

Benjamin: I've liked Metroid Fusion wich has a very good level design. Also recently Wario Ware Inc. proved than you don't need astonishing graphics and story to make you play for hours. Well done Nintendo, once again... I also like V Rally 3 which is very impressive technically and I'm waiting to see Top Gear Rally. Do you see any trends in future GBA games?

Benjamin: The GFX are getting better. Also, it looks as if developers begin to realise than GBA isn't just about good bitmap jumping over platforms. 3D games may be more important starting from now. Did you hear of Sonys upcomming Handheld PSP? What do you think about it and will you also produce for it?

Benjamin: Sure we heard about it. This could mean a revolution on the handheld market. We will definitely try to have some kits asap and try to develop our engines on it. Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Benjamin: I think the GBA has a lot of good time ahead. Despite the announce of the PSP, I'm sure we will be still impressed by some GBA games. Don't sell your console yet ! The best is still to come...

Thank you very much to Benjamin Yoris for your support!

The Interview was held by Kevin Jensen [Iceman] for

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