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Seite 2: Interview mit Talos Interactive über die Delta Advance Engine


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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 09.04.2004

English | Deutsch Could you shortly present your position and introduce Talos Interactive to us?

Max Meltzer: Hey there folks, my name is Max Meltzer, I'm a co-founder and producer here at Talos Interactive. Dr. Robert Templeman who'll also be answering questions is also a co-founder and lead programmer on the DeltaAdvance Engine. Talos Interactive was founded in 2003 and has the long-term aim of providing current and future handheld platforms with technically outstanding game engines that result in high quality games What were your first projects?

Max Meltzer: The DeltaAdvance Engine has been our singular and predominant project since the formation of Talos Interactive. It has been our overall desire to create the basis for technology that would enable us to create great games within a multitude of game genre's for years to come. Individual employees themselves have worked on a range of titles from Stuntman to Unreal 2 to Rocky to Freestyle Metal-X to Far Cry at other companies previously. Why did you decide to develop for Nintendos Gameboy Advance?

Max Meltzer: Developing on the GBA was essentially a result of logic more than choice. Partner, Rob [Templeman] had originally created a critically-acclaimed title for the Acorn platform and looking forward to taking the engine to the next-step the logical choice at the time was the GBA based on its relative specifications. The only co-inciding reason to take it to the GBA was the original belief we were entering into a more lucrative market than what the Acorn had. Having made the move it's opened up an array of technical and business opportunities to us. ou recently unveiled your upcoming 3D engine for the Gameboy Advance. What specifications can we await?

Dr. Robert Templeman: Fully 3D environment, multiple levels, complex scenery motion, fully perspective texture mapping and mip-mapping. Enemy AI that can be adapted to suit many situations, like tracking the player and leading less intelligent enemies.
In addition a Fully featured dynamics engine that can allow game xobjects to interact with their environment realistically, this lets features like bouncing bombs and smart weapons to be implemented with ease. Are you planning an own game on it? What will it be called and can you tell us more about planed gameplay elements and features?

Max Meltzer: We do plan to make a full game for the GBA based on our technology. However, the decision on what exactly that game will be at completion is yet to be conceived, we've created an array of assets and a foundational game so that we can keep our options open to interested parties/publishers. We've done so that if a publishing partner was interested in attaching a franchise/license or working on an original concept with us it could be done with ease. However, the screenshots released publicly show a conversion of a game called "Destiny" which Talos holds entire copyright which was originally released on the Acorn platform. While that could be released singularly, we have used it as a basis to develop new features and gameplay opportunities. These range from 'in-game' games, which are like mini-games where you can play retro games on a mini-screen to cool weapon features like lock-on missiles with great smoke/set off effects. You are also planning to develop a 3D engine for Sony's upcoming handheld system PSP. What do you as a developer know about the system and in how far will the PSP be advanced to the GBA?

Dr. Robert Templeman: Basicailly what's already out there on the web, the PSP looks like its going to be a complete revolution in handheld gaming technology, hopefully when the final specs are released it'll be able to stand up well against playstation2 titles in terms of rendering & game-play. Did you also hear about Nintendos double screened handheld system: Nintendo DS? Will you also develop for this system?

Dr. Robert Templeman: Yeah its really intriguing, DeltaAdvance will support the DS or whatever it ends up being called. It looks like it will be capable of really stunning hand-held games.

Max Meltzer: It looks a platform with a lot of potential, we do hope to take the engine onto that platform. As soon as the full specifications are released we'll begin making plans, we have a super versatile engine in the DeltaAdvance. What are your favourite GBA games?

Max Meltzer: If we're going for serious game-time then I'd say Duke Nukem Advance, if you're going for nice game-time then I love a bit of Mario and Monkey Ball Jnr in my life!

Dr. Robert Templeman: Well that's a hard one, i love denki blocks! Of course i have to say doom as well! Is there anything you want to tell our readers?

Max Meltzer: I say this often and I'll say it again. To all you Nintendo GBA fans out there stick by you're groovy little handhelds even with the new handhelds approaching because if DeltaAdvance transitions to a game then I'm sure you'll get to see a major innovation in the GBA FPS scene and hopefully a great game too.

Thank you for your time, Max Meltzer and Dr. Robert Templeman

The interview was held by Kevin Jensen for
You find the german translation on page 1
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