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Seite 2: Interview mit Cypron Studios über Command & Destroy


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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 17.06.2003

Deutsch | English

PlanetGameboy: Since when are you working on Gameboy Advance-projects and why did you decide to develop for the Gameboy Advance?

Stefan: Gameboy is very close to us. It reminds us of the old times when we were developing for Amiga. We see Gameboy as a small hand-held Amiga.

PlanetGameboy: Could you tell us more about the gameplay and features of Command & Destroy?

Stefan: Command & Destroy Advance is a pure real-time strategy such as seen on PC. Do you like Dune 2, Red Alert, KKND or Starcraft? If your answer is yes then you are going to like this title as well. It is pretty complicated to cram that much graphics and data into the GBA console. That may be why there are so few strategies on GBA. But we have made it and it was worth the effort.

PlanetGameboy: Is a multiplayer-feature planed? If yes, How many players will be allowed in a muliplayer game?

Stefan:Currently, we have plans for two players. That is certain. Four players would be ideal but that is still under development.

PlanetGameboy: If you would compare your real-time strategy game with others, which elements will be old-shool and what new elements will be added?

Stefan: Basic scheme of all strategy games is to build a base - collect resources - eliminate your enemy and that is so in our game. It is well proofed and favored with players of all ages. Beside that we also have various sub missions such as protecting of a convoy, defending a base from heavy enemy assault with a small number of units or liberating of an important person held captive by enemy.

Moreover tree diverse armies guarantee three play strategies so player have to develop tree strategies to complete each of the campaigns.

Innovative element includes Worms - genetically mutated insect. This army has no structures thus it will be difficult to defeat it as they have no firm base to destroy.

PlanetGameboy: If you could be any one units in the entire game... which one would you be?

Stefan: I would go for Alien Psionic. This is very dangerous alien unit. It can influence enemy mind and convert him to their lines.

PlanetGameboy: How long will it take players to complete the full game?

Stefan: You can choose from 3 campaigns: humans, aliens or worms. Each campaign includes 12-14 missions and there are a total of about 40 missions in single player mode which makes at least 40 hours of game play not considering multiplayer mode.

PlanetGameboy: Will the game come out to the european market? If it does, about when will we be able to play it?

Stefan: I think so, but this is no definitive answer as we are still in negotiation with potential publishers.

PlanetGameboy: Do you have any running future projekts?

Stefan: Beside Command & Destroy Advance we are working on PC RPG called GODS: Lands of Infinity. As for future GBA project we are considering space strategy but I have said enough already.

PlanetGameboy: What are your favorite Gameboy Advance games?

Stefan: Advance Wars is very good one. Technically, it’s well done conversion of Doom II but I frequently play Final Fight. I know this game back from coin-ups and it bring back memories of the old times.

PlanetGameboy: Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Stefan: Yes, make provisions of food and GBA batteries. Once you get your hands on Command & Destroy Advance you will have no time for anything else. Prepare for something new. Prepare for game that you have never experience before!

Thanks to Stefan Pavelka vor the support

the interview was held by Kevin Jensen [Iceman]

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