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Seite 2: Interview mit EnjoyUp zu Chronos Twins


Autor: Kevin Jensen

Kategorie: interviews
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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 07.08.2004

Deutsch | English Could you shortly present your position and introduce Enjoy Up to us?

Julio: We have more than 7 years of experience and we enjoy making games, we made
many games and currently you can find some titles in the market, but one day we saw that many games that we made were very commercials and conventionals made with the same pattern.

For this reason with made EnjoyUp a independent group formed by game lovers
for break the currently rules in the games market, introducing new things, originals and attractive ideas for players tired for the same. What were your first projects and why did you decide to develop for Nintendos Gameboy Advance?

Julio: This is our first project like a independet group, before we made many games
like Turok 2 (GB,GBC), Ronaldo V-football (GBC), Droopy´s Open Tennis (GBA),
Asterix and Obelix (GBA), Inspector Gadget Racing (GBA) and many others.
We decided to program our first project on GBA because we have many
experience working in a GameBoy systems and we know how works, The GBA is a very impressive machine with many possibilities. We recently heard about Chronos Twins and it sounds like a very interesting game. Can you tell us a bit more about the story, game play and features?

Julio: The philosophy of the game is very simple but more original, the story is
about a time machine that send our hero to the past and present simultaneous to
eliminate the alien.Knowing this the game is easy to understand.
We play with the hero in the two times simultaneous, the key is to see the
two screens, is very important to look the evolution of the hero in the stage to find a solution to continue to the next levels, we cannot speak
more about the game, the best is to try by yourself.
But we can tell you a clue, all you made in the past will affect to the
present, with this idea always in your mind it will be the key to continue and finish the game. How exactly will the game be controlled, does the character more simultaneously through both timezones and does the player switch from past to present and vice versa?

Julio: The A button is used to shoot on the past time, the B button is used to shoot in the present time, the R button is used for jump and the L button is used for the specials actions, we cannot pass one character to the other time because they are in the two times but when you play advance levels, you could use only one hero, the other hero and time will be frezze and you can play alone finding a path or using handles to help the other hero that was in problem in the other time. Can you tell us a more about the cool main character? Who is he, where is he from and what is he?

Julio: The name of the hero is Nec, is a member of a independent special force,
formed for 4 members, now is 3 members only, Nec lost his brother in the previous mission, now the mission for Nec is a double mission, first, Nec need to eliminate the Alien that subjugate the SKILA planet and the second is the revenge. What advantages does the split screen mode give the player; can you give us an example? Since there are a lot of puzzle elements able while zapping though time and space.

Julio: The dual screen is a new concept of videogames where you can play with the
two screens in a real time, this is a new sensation and a new perception, and we add the time factor, many times you need to use this time to interact in the
two screens making small and funy puzzles. How long will a normal player need to complete the game?

Julio: We think about a 15 or 20 hours, and many hours to learn this new and original concept that never experimented before. When will you be able to release the game?

Julio: We think that the game will be available in christmas but we dont have any definitive date,we are talking with the publishers to kwnow what publisher are interested. We bet you heard about Nintendos double screened handheld: Nintendo DS. Will you also develop for this system? Chronos Twin is practically made for this system.

Julio: Is curious that you ask this question, we dont knew anything about Nintendo DS when the idea of Chronos Twin come to our mind, we started the project many months before Nintendo presented the DS features, its true that Chronos Twin will be a perfect game for the DS, our goal is to publish a version for GBA and a new version with many new features for Nintendo DS. What are your favourite Gameboy Advance Games?

Julio: Made in Wario,Metroid Fusion Y Zero, Super Ghouls N Ghosts, Castelvanias. Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Julio: We are trying to make a great game and we only need a publisher to publicate the game next Christmas and share with you the adventures of Nec and his fanstastic world.

The interview was held by Kevin Jensen for

Thanks to Julio for his support
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