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Seite 2: Interview mit Charles Martinet - Mario's Stimme


Autor: Kevin Jensen

Kategorie: interviews
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Game Boy Advance Artikel vom 06.12.2005

Deutsch | English

We talked to Mario's voice, Charles Martinet. We talked to? Well sorry, no voice record but he answered the questions you always wanted to know about the guy behind Mario's voice. Ladies and Gentlemen, "itsa me!" Hi Charles, since quite a few Nintendo players are not familiar with the real person behind so many voices, like Mario and Co. it would be nice if you could introduce yourself and your career to us.

Charles Martinet: Hello, Itsa me....Charles! First of all, let me say Thank you very much for inviting me to say a few words! I'm Charles Martinet. I am an actor and voice talent. I've been working as the voice of Mario for almost 15 years! Woo Hoo!

We started with a real time animation system called MIRT (Mario In Real Time), which was invented by SimGraphics Engineering in South Pasadena California). I control Mario's body and face with a game controller, and my voice controls his mouth movements. And I can interact with people as Mario. They see Mario, and I see them and can respond to them as Mario. It is very cool technology!

Now we are doing Mario in Real Time OVER THE INTERNET, so Mario can be live on TV anywhere in the world! All November Mario interacted with people at the Toys R Us on Times Square in Manhattan, and in December, Mario will be talking with people at the Nintendo Store in Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. I will be at home, but everyone there will be seeing Mario and be able to interact with him (thanks to spy cams and hidden microphones, I will see them and be able to say "oh! I lika you red hat!. It looka just lika Mario's"...and start a conversation). It's magical fun, I think.

Other things about me as a performer: I've provided the voices in over 100 video games, including all the Mario, Wario, Luigi, Waluigi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi , and a few other voices for Nintendo. I've done voices in Star Wars games, in the Lord of the Rings series, Men in Black, and lots more. I've also done voices in a couple hundred toys and educational products. And occasionally I get a part in Films and Television.
I also do voices for TV and Radio ads, and have done videos for NASA, and the Smithsonian. Is funny when you see yourself in a museum! How was it possible to become the voice of Mario that is beloved by so many players out there?

Charles Martinet: Well, I actually crashed the audition! A friend of mine told me about this audition for a trade show (that MIRT was being invented for), and said "Go do it!". Well, I had never gone to an audition withoug being invited before, but I thought..Why not? So I went to the audition late in the day. The producer was putting the camera away when I walked in the door. I asked "can I please audition"....he looked at his watch...and said "OK.'re a plumber from Brooklyn. You're going to be talking with kids all day, so make up a video game or something and start talking...and when you run out of things to say, I'll stop the camera."...well I started thinking...plumber from Brooklyn...that could be a harsh voice...and I want to make him more fun and all-age friendly...and i was going through voices in my mind when i heard "ACTION!"...and out came the voice you all know saying "hello, itsa me, Mario!...Okey dokey, letsa make da pizza pie!", and i invented this imaginary game where we made a pizza out of everything you can imagine...and I didn't stop talking until the tape ran out! The producer called the boss at Nintendo and said "I found Mario!". What is it like giving voice to one of the most famous video game characters of all time? Being the voice of a character that is more popular then Mickey Mouse?

Charles Martinet: Well I can tell you...It is SO fun! I love recording the games as Mario. The people at Nintendo are so great to work with. So creative and fun! And I love doing Mario in Real Time. I would love to do that at stores and events all over the world...all the time! Woo Hoo! And I completely enjoy all the other character voices for Nintendo. They are such great characters!

I think Mr. Miyamoto is a creative genius! He knows how to create great characters, and for me it is a total honor to put voices to them! He also creates such great games. It is amazing how fun they are! Which other video game characters have your cheerful voice and in which games did you participate in?

Charles Martinet: Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are SO fun! Woo Hoo! and ALL the characters are such a pleasure to do! When i first saw Waluigi, I laughed! What a great contrast to Wario! And of course, I love Luigi! It is so funny how many people come up to Mario when we're doing him Live, and say..."Can I talk to Luigi?". He's such a great contrast to Mario!

I do all their voices in the games, and it is just great fun! What is your favourite "nice-guy"¯ and "bad-guy"¯ character?

Charles Martinet: I'll always think Mario is the greatest character ever created! I love doing his voice, and I love his every day plumber from Brooklyn who falls in love with a princess...who rescues her continuously, and spends his life in fun adventure. It is a great charcter too, because I think the underlying life philosophy of Mario is .... Woo Hoo! No matter what!

And as villain, I'll always love Wario..but I have to confess, Waluigi is totally fun! He is so kooky. I think he could have some great games! How is it working for Nintendo? It seems that being the voice behind Nintendo could be a lot of fun.

Charles Martinet: The people at Nintendo are awesome! They are all so nice, so thoughful, attentive, and creative! It is amazing who I get to work with...from the producers and writers, to the PR and event the US and around the world....everyone I have worked with at Nintendo is great! And the fans and people I get to meet that love Nintendo games are all great too! What could be better than working with great people, doing the voice of amazing characters in totally fun games? Woo Hoo! I'm very very grateful for every bit of it! Do you know "Shiggy"¯ Miyamoto in person, what is he like? Can he be as fun as his games are?

Charles Martinet: I am just in awe of Mr. Miyamoto's talent, creativity and humility. He is a very wonderful man, who has brought so much fun to so many people...and is remarkably kind and thoughtful. If I ever changed the face of an industry and brought that much fun to hundreds of millions of people, I would want to be as good a guy as he is. Do you play video games? What is your personal all time favourite?

Charles Martinet: Well I have to confess...I have always been in love with the Mario Kart series! That is just pure fun for me! I also have always loved Mario 64. That was the first game that had his voice in it...and it was such a cool adventure game! But give me Mario Kart...and I'm having fun! Since the Nintendo DS is out now do you know anything about new games, where Nintendo needed your talents?

Oh I love the DS! It is totally changing gaming for me! i love that you can link up with other players opens a whole new door to fun! And I love the games! Wait till you play Mario Kart, or Animal Crossing with friends. And all the games that use the dual screens and the interactivity .... just awesome! What was the weirdest sentence you ever had to say during your career?

Charles Martinet: I used to do a lot of corporate videos, where I would act like a computer analyst, or a really knowledgeable person about a surgery or computer system. The writers of the scripts were often engineers...and I'd get a script where one sentence went on for the entire page and was talking about model numbers and multi-processing vector ram and blah blah blah...I had NO IDEA what I was saying, so I'd break the words down into blocks and just say them as if I knew what they meant. It always worked, but it was so funny how nobody in the room knew what I was saying except the engineer. What was the most funnies out-take? Maybe talking like Wario in a Mario scene?

Charles Martinet: Gosh, you'll think this is crazy, but I don't remember out takes! At least not ones I can write about! But in a way, I think my whole life is a series of outakes! Have you ever done some Cartoon voices? Nintendo or non-Nintendo releated?

Charles Martinet: I did a whole series of cartoons that was released in Europe a few years ago. We did versions of Anastasia, Tarzan, Noah's Ark. You name it. I've also done a few things in America....and I would LOVE to do a Mario Cartoon series! THAT would be awesome fun! Will there ever be a full speech Mario game?

Charles Martinet: Ha ha! I don't know! I trust Mr. Miyamoto! Only he knows..and I'm sure he will ALWAYS make the choice that gamers will love most. Some people may want more voice...some may want less, but i think it will always be just right! What is about Link's voice? Will he ever talk to us and would it be your voice? Could you give a sample how you think Link should sound like?

Charles Martinet: I would LOVE to...and if I had my way, I'd do voices for every character! But I think that Link will always have the voice he has now... Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Charles Martinet: Absolutely! Remember, I'm the guy who will talk until the tape runs out!

First of all, Have fun!!!!! Enjoy your life!!! I really believe in doing what you love for a living, and in doing what you love in life! The universe is supportive of your desires, your love, your passions! Do what you love and the right things will come to you as long as your intentions are good and honest. And be true to yourself. Be who you really are, not what you think you're supposed to be. Honesty, integrity, and your own personal values will guide you. And be good to people. Care, give, love, and laugh! Imagine if we all gave something of ourselves every day! What a better world we would have!
Life is short, and it can end too quickly, so it needs to be filled with good things! And live your life commited to helping and not harming others, so that the world will be better by your presence. Life is a gift! Unwrap it with glee! And love like there is no tomorrow.

Thank you very much for letting me be part of your day!

Thank you for the interview, Charles!

The interview was held by Kevin Jensen for

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